Fraud Prevention

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If a person deliberately gives the county wrong information, or incomplete information, and then receives some benefits from that deception, then welfare fraud has taken place. Fraud is a crime and is punishable by fine or imprisonment, and can result in the loss of further assistance.

As the first step in fraud prevention, clients are advised what fraud is, that it is a crime, what the penalties can be, and how to prevent fraud.

A client can easily prevent welfare fraud simply by keeping the department informed.

Computer matches keep us posted on each clients earnings, property, Unemployment Benefits, Disability Benefits, Social Security or SSI/SSP.

Trained and experienced Eligibility Technicians and Welfare Investigators delve into any questionable situation.

The best tool for the prevention of welfare fraud is an alert public.

If you see a suspicious situation, call the fraud hotline (661) 633-7283.